Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant, Where Good Place, Delicious Food and The Beautiful of Mount Rinjani Are Met


Sembalun, a valley in the eastern side of mount Rinjani. Administratively is the subdistrict of the East Lombok regency. Nowadays Sembalun is a famous because of its hills. One of it is called Pergasingan. So many visitors are willing to hike the hill about more than an hour to enjoy rice fields, gardens and the villages from the top of the hill. Enjoy sunrise. Not forget to take a picture of course.  But for me, a mom with three kiddos, two kids and one baby girl, hike the hill has been crossed out from my list. NOT NOW! Hehe.

There is another nice thing to do while you are at Sembalun. Mount Rinjani. Yeah, enjoy the beautiful scenery of mount Rinjani. When you are at Sembalun Rinjani is so closed with you. It is spread out from the east to the north. One of the best place to enjoy it is at Rudi’s Villa and Restaurant.

First time came to Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant, I fell in love with the restaurant. Especially its opened concept. Sat there, ate the food, and the mount Rinjani was in front of you.  So perfect! There was also a swimming pool in front of the restaurant. So which one would you choose? I preferred eating. Hehehe…eating, eating and eating. Yes that time  I ordered fried duck. Delicious.


But unlucky me that noon, even the sun shined brightly and the wind blew slightly, but still the top of mount Rinjani was cloudy.


Besides eating at the restaurant, my eldest son tried horseback riding in the yard. Not only him, his cousins also tried it. All of them looked happy. Cousins? Yes, that time my husband and I spent our time with my father-in law family. Not only horse riding, Rudi’s Villa and Restaurant also facilitated the kids with playground.


We did make room reservation that time even we didn’t stay over night there. We were at the room after lunch till late noon. took a rest before continued our journey back home to Mataram city. It was about three hours by car.

The wooden bungalows offered you mount Rinjani when you opened the window. The room was tidy, but a little bit small. There was also a small terrace in front of the room, then I imagined sitting there in the morning then staring at mount Rinjani.



Second time visiting Sembalun for this year was at the end of April. Family gathering of my husband division. Yeaaay finally had a chance to overnight at Sembalun. The family gathering was held at Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant. Due to room’s unavailability, several families were stay at other hotel near by Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant. My family was one of it.

At six o’clock in the morning we did a morning walk from Agro Villa to Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant. What a beautiful scenery at the bend before Rudi’s Villa and Restaurant. We could see the mount Rinjani to the top. Clearly. Subhanallah! Finally saw it. Loved it so much.


Then we arrived at Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant. Sat at the restaurant, ate fried banana and enjoyed the top of mount Rinjani. Cold morning,  hot fried banana and a cup of hot tea. What a perfect morning. From the restaurant of Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant I were dreaming of standing at the top of mount Rinjani someday. Yeah…someday!


Mataram, May 20, 2017

Written by: Vidy


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