The Kebun


(April 30, 2016) It was our first time stayed at Kebun Villas & Resort even we had lived in Lombok for four years. We usually passed it by. Never thought we would be stayed here even for one night.

Arrived in the lobby, we were welcomed by three chickens and two fish ponds in the lobby, in the left and in the right.  My sons were so interested to see both closely. The chickens were called Ayam Mutiara. I loved mini garden in front of the lobby. It was so nice.

I also liked the painting that hanging on the wall of receptionist area. Oh yeah, I liked the lobby interior.

The hotel also served us with a welcome drink while we were checked in.  After checked in, the waiter guided us to our room which was located at the back over the swimming pool.

After passed the swimming pool, we went up stairs. There was swimming pool also. The hotel had two swimming pools for the guess. We were so lucky, our room in Seroja twin was in front of the swimming pool. My sons were so happy.  Besides Seroja Twin, there were  two types rooms for the guess, Kamboja Family and Dahlia double.

Got into the room, I checked the bathroom. Clean and tidy. One of my habits every time stayed at the hotel. I liked the design. There was a thick glass separated the shower and the sink. I liked the natural stone which was mounted on the wall and on the floor of shower area. While I was checking one by one the room’s facilities, my husband and my sons were swimming.

Done with the rooms and the luggage, I went out the room. My husband and my sons were still swimming. I sat at the pool side. The green hills became the main scenery. I thought  It was one of the best scenery from this hotel.


Oh yeah, there was another good view from this hotel.  At the back side of our room, there was a road to the hills. From the top of the hills you could see the beautiful of Senggigi beach.


Kebun Villas & Resort also provided rooms with private pool. Only had one bedroom, Angsana Villas was suitable for honeymoon couple whose looking for privacy.

There was also a villas that had two bedrooms which is consist of swimming pool, It was separated with the main hotel building. It was very suitable for family or office ocassion.

Need an accomodation for your holiday in Lombok? Kebun Villas and Resort could be one of your choices. Located in the heart of Senggigi, Kebun Villas and Resort offers  peacefulness with easy access to several meeting point at Senggigi.

Bogor, July 18, 2016


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