Breakfast Time

(April 2016) Good morning everyone! Woke up that morning, I was surprised. Oh no, I was late. It was twenty minutes to six. I run to the bathroom and took a wudhu, ablution before prayer. How come I didn’t hear the adhan from the mosque. Huhuhu. Then, I did the shalat.

I moved to my little kitchen. This morning my boys requested grilled chicken for their breakfast. I prepared all the seasoning for it. I boiled the chicken first. My eldest son came, stood next to me then said “Bunda, I wanted a grilled chicken but without honey. Honey made the chicken bitter. I didn’t like it.”. After that he left me without waiting for a comment from me. Huh!

Actually deep in my heart, I was surprised he still remembered about the bitter grilled chicken that I cooked several weeks ago. He could memorize it to detail. That morning my husband requested grilled chicken with honey, then I cooked it. My husband ate the chicken without any bad comment. So I thought the chicken was delicious. I only sat in front of him until he finished his breakfast. My sons also had a breakfast that morning, but they sat in the living room, occupied by my housemaid. My eldest son came to me several minutes after my husband finished his breakfast. He complained about the grilled chicken. He said that it was a bitter. He stopped eating. Then my husband said that his son was true. The grilled chicken was bitter. My husband said that the honey was too much. Then I said how come you ate two pieces chicken without saying anything to me as if it was delicious. He grinned and said that he was hungry. Oh my goodness!

Even it wasn’t the first time he could memorize something till its detail, but still I surprised. Morning lesson learned to myself: never under estimate kids ability in memorizing something.

Bogor, June 20, 2016


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